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Engagement photos originally were sent out to newspapers announcing the engagement of a couple. However, we got the photos done and will be sending out “Save The Dates” which will provide the guests with the date and time of our event as well as a website to check out our registry and “about us”.
Those will be sent soon!
The engagement photo session was a blast, Alex had me laughing the whole time and the autumn leaves of Denver were beautiful.





Moving every three months, along with attempting to get into a MSW program for me makes planning a wedding very hard! So, we are open for comments on a good date! We had been considering May 2015, however, that would be right in the middle of my practicum hours! So now, we are considering moving it up sooner, perhaps next summer, which would mean a long move from the East Coast to Idaho, and then perhaps more moving to the West Coast before “settling in.” Anyways, Save the Dates will be out… as soon as we pick a date!


We have been going to lots and lots of sporting events in Denver!


It’s quite a love story really. Boy meets girl, girl loves boy. They get married and live happily ever after. Our story, however, is nothing like that. More like: boy meets girl, girl ignores boy for far too long, boy moves to Idaho, girl wants to move away, they get engaged and then they decide to embark on a two year adventure.

Adventure: move every three months to a new place. Alex’s nursing position allows him to be a “travel nurse” and make more money then he would in Idaho, and with no living expenses.

Ashley will need to find a new job each move.

No family, no friends, just one another… oh, and Cooper. 

The goals are to save money in order to put a house on the land we bought before leaving, and also to grow closer than ever thought possible before the wedding. Solely relying on one another is an aspect of marriage that both of us have agreed is an important component to a good marriage and the goal is to learn some of those skills. 

And so, the adventure began August 1, 2013 in Denver, Colorado; in a tiny ass apartment. 


The Transportation Method

The thirteen-hour drive was in this car. You know you really love someone when you endure that long of a drive, in a jam packed car.